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The Simon Poultney Foundation

Zambia Internet Cafés

Downloading on the porch at Kanjanji, on the roadside with the Prado, in the fallow field
with the motorcycle !

Finding a decent internet connection is always a challenge in Zambia and tends to be quite expensive. The Internet connections – and speed – are fairly good in the major centers so always okay when one can get to Lusaka – a 400km round trip though.

In the smaller cities and towns connectivity and speed are bad. Our closest city – Kabwe – has several Internet cafes but the bandwidth is jammed and so the speed is very slow. Definitely not worth the 100 km round trip unless you have other things to do – and some time to spare !

I did buy an Internet stick from Zain, one of the main cellular providers, and it works well for downloading and uploading e-mail but being pay-as-you-go it is far too pricey for any web browsing.

The challenge in our rural operating area is to find strong enough cell signal to connect and thus we ended up with some interesting localities for our own internet cafes – as seen in these photos !

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