The Simon Poultney Foundation

The Simon Poultney Foundation

Zambia – August 12

After a number of years of deliberating we were pleased to get the water and sanitation program under way in July with the help of the Ubuntu Team visiting from Canada.  Here is the Facebook photo album of the photos with more details about the work done

Ubuntu Team with repaired well

The smile says it all ... to have water again

Zambia – August 5

We were very excited to kick off the Conservation Farming system last week with a training session for Farmer Coordinators who will be responsible for training other farmers in the community in this dynamic system.

Please see the Facebook photo album for more photos and details about the project.

Hands-on outdoor classroom

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Zambia – July 29

Here’s the link to a Facebook photo album showing the progress on the addition to the Kakulu Clinic – a project funded by the Ichikuku Team and worked on by the Shumba Team.  Thanks everyone for your contributions to this very worthwhile project

Ichikuku team got things going


Shumba team help

Zambia – May 18

Day three was another excellent day.  Everyone was back to full health – work on the clinic annex continued; Susan and Karen spent time in the clinic working with patients; Josh and Shannon visited a home school; and the team visited Sungula School to witness the launch of the Zine Club and participate in some sport. The day ended with sorting of piles of donated items to be given away and a cooking lesson in how to make Nshima

Soccer mayhem at Sungula School

Sungula School Zine Club

Sorting donated items

Zambia – May 17

Team with the orphans

Second day with the team was good – again despite a couple of others being down with the stomach bug. We visited the Kakulu Community Pre-school to deliver some supplies and to spend time with the kids doing activities; went to help at the clinic construction site for a while and then met all the orphans on the orphans support program to hand out backpacks and blankets that had been donated. All the orphans also got a basic medical check – and most of them seem to be in good health.

David doing puzzles at the pre-school

Pumping water for the construction site

Zambia – May 16

The Ichikuku Team arrived safely in Zambia on Thursday and spend a few days in Lusaka before travelling to Kakulu yesterday. Today we had a good first day with the team despite a few of them not feeling well due to possible food poisoning from a meal in Lusaka – on top of normal metabolic upset experienced when travelling long distances with time changes and such radical new experiences. Those that were fit enough did some work at the clinic construction site, had a tour of the farm and community and the day ended with an expedition to the river and a typical spectacular African sunset. 

Heading out for the day

Working on the clinic annex


End of a great day

Zambia – May 10

The Taylor/Ichikuku Team (some of whom are seen above packing their bags a few days ago) leaves Canada today heading to Zambia to work on our project.  It is going to be wonderful to have a team here again – everyone in the community is so excited.

You can follow their progress on the blog 

and through periodic postings on our Facebook Page

For anyone interested the team will be staying in the homestead located at the following Google Earth GPS reference :

Latitude : 14° 5’10.93″S    Longitude : 28°31’44.42″E

Zambia – May 8

It is always gratifying to read what others have to say about the work that we are doing in Zambia and for encouraging others to support us. Alyssa is a very special young Canadian woman who recently stopped in for a visit during her hitch-hiking and biking tour of Africa – all on her own !

She also cooked us a wonderful pancake breakfast – a delicious treat !

Zambia – April 27

My new best friend – the satellite dish that enables me to communicate in high speed with the outside world. The technology still boggles the mind – signal goes from my laptop, through the dish to a satellite 30,000 km above the earth, then back down to the hub just outside London, UK then to whoever I am communicating with. Of course the signal goes in reverse when a communication is coming into me.

Zambian VSAT iternet connection

February 2011 Update – Mzungu Team

The month of February was very busy with the three young men – Kody, Ryan and Byron – who arrived from Edmonton, Alberta on February 3rd and flew out on February 28.  It was also a particularly challenging month for Internet connectivity which hampered our ability to do updates to blogs and web sites.

The main purpose of their visit was to research and gather information for several programs that they have in mind to do as part of the Foundation’s community development project in the area of sustainable economic development.  With that information they then want to develop a number of proposals for viable programs in order to raise the funds to carry out those programs. Having visited the Zambian community they are all very keen to be able to return in the future to actually implement and run those programs.

Filming students with the Canadian Zines

Inter-acting with students at Chiluga community school

One actual activity in the community was to introduce the junior high students at Sungula School to the concept of Zines and to get them to produce Zines of their own.  This was done by showing the students an example of a Zine which was produced by a collaboration of various Alberta artists and brought to Zambia by the team for that purpose. Then through a number if in-class workshops to coach the students in the making of their own Zines.  A pile of Zambian Zines have been taken back to Canada where it is hoped that they can be sold and the funds returned to the students to assist them with their future education. A Zine club has been formed at the school for any students who have an interest in continuing with the program.

The team also took a lot of photographs and video footage which will be used to produce several short presentations to promote the various proposed programs as well as the activities of SPF as a whole.  This also included the shooting of footage for a short movies as requested by senior students at the school.

More filming at the Zambian 7 Eleven

More filming at the Zambian 7 Eleven

Discussing daily time keeping with the farm clerk

Discussing daily time keeping with the farm clerk

During their time in the community the team were hosted by Mike and Adriana Sandys-Thomas (also Gordon’s hosts) who grow maize (corn) and tobacco on their farms in the Kakulu area. Their time in Zambia rounded out with a few days in Lusaka connecting with various people and a couple of days in Livingstone to visit the Victoria Falls (one of the 7 natural wonders of the world) and do a wildlife safari in the Chobe National Park of Botswana.

The team with hosts - Mike (2nd from left) and Adriana

Standing on the Victoria Falls bridge at the border line with Zimbabwe

The team all said that they had an amazing experience in Zambia and are keen to get back as soon as they can !

More details about the team’s trip and insights into their concepts can be found at

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