The Simon Poultney Foundation

The Simon Poultney Foundation

Even before he died Simon had a vision to do outreach work in his local community and on the continent of his birth – Africa.

The two main projects therefore focus on these aspects, as verbalized by Simon :

Young Lions Media center (YLM) which began operations in May 2006 based on Simon’s specific vision of a place where youth and young adults could hang out, experience community and explore their gifts in music, film-making, writing and art.

Zambia Isaiah Project – development of a rural community in the Central Province of Zambia with an emphasis on empowering young people to become more effective citizens through improved education and job opportunities.

Because of the circumstances of Simon’s death the Foundation has also committed to fighting the scourge of suicide through the operation of the Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program (CSPP).

Whilst YLM and CSPP are currently only operated in the Parkland County area of Alberta, Canada the Foundation intends to introduce these programs in other areas as resources become available.