The Simon Poultney Foundation

The Simon Poultney Foundation

Written and Illustrated by Jenny Poultney

In 2003 Jenny did a three week summer course at the University of Alberta about children’s literature and which required her to write, illustrate and produce a children’s book as the final project. She had always had an inkling to write a book and had several stories in her head; stories which she had often told to our children or to the many children that have passed through her hands as a baby-sitter or pre-school/kindergarten/Grade 1 teacher.

The resulting book – Jameela’s Jangles – was hard-earned by many hours of toil, produced completely in one week! The book received huge acclaim from her peers and the professor. It was Jenny’s dream to have the book formally published but it languished on the shelf until early 2005. It was then that she decided to dedicate the book to Simon and follow the self-publishing track offered by Trafford Publishing. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go the Foundation, specifically for African projects.

If you would like to

- purchase a copy of the book

- arrange for a reading of the book at your school or library

- feature the book in an article or media program

we would be very pleased if you would send us an e-mail to : mail (at)

Hints : The book would make an ideal birthday gift or Christmas stocking stuffer for all the children in your (extended) family! If you are responsible for arranging the summer barbecue or Christmas party for the staff at your company consider purchasing a copy for each of the families represented and perhaps inviting the author to read the book at the event!

Our price for the book (full colour, 38 pages) is $ 20.00. Not only is this 40% off the retail price but buying directly from us ensures that a greater amount of money will go to the Africa fund.
In your message please :

- If you are in Alberta provide a phone number where we can reach you to make arrangements to get the book to you and take care of payment

- If you are not from Alberta please send us your mailing address with your message so that we can mail your order right away. Cheques can be mailed to The Simon Poultney Foundation, PO Box 3099, Spruce Grove, Alberta, T7X 3A4. Please add $2.00 per book to cover the cost of postage.

Thank you.

About the Book

Jameela’s Jangles is an exciting and vibrantly illustrated tale about an African girl, who finds herself in deep trouble trouble after disobeying her mother! The viewers are immediately transported into a colourful land of thatched huts and masks, a golden lion, a fuming zebra, an enormous python and a ferocious mongoose! Danger lurks behind every rock and tree if one is daring enough to take a short-cut through forbidden terrain!

Hundreds of elementary school students have already enjoyed Jameela’s Jangles. Children are delighted to create animal puppets and masks and act out the story again and again ! The story also stimulates children’s imaginations and inspires creative writing. Any teacher who is doing a unit on Africa or embraces literature and people of different cultures will LOVE to have a copy of Jameela’s Jangles!

“I have vivid pictures in my mind as I imagine little children lost in the deep dark parts of the African Jungle! Eventually, when I had the opportunity whilst taking a children’s literature course, the story and pictures just poured out from me onto paper. I am thrilled with the results, as this is my first attempt! Now my classes have a full colour copy of my book to read again and again! It has been tried and tested in my classroom and others too. Children love it, which is my biggest reward of all!”

“The story (and I) both come “OUT OF AFRICA” – because making a difference for the suffering children in Africa was a passion of Simon’s – I now want the proceeds of my book to GO BACK TO AFRICA! I hope thousands of children are touched both by the story and by the proceeds. I am a Grade One teacher – books and children are my passion!”